Investment Portfolio Management

We specialize in managing portfolios of stocks, bonds and other securities for individuals, corporations, foundations, non-profits and company-sponsored retirement plans.




Our strength is in developing long term plans and constructing custom portfolios to address our clients’ unique needs and objectives. After learning about your investment objectives and risk tolerance, we craft an investment strategy that we believe is most appropriate for you. Market conditions play a key factor in determining the strategy we propose. We will, for example, provide different advice with respect to fixed income/bond investment recommendations with interest rates at historic lows than we will after interest rates rise. Once you agree to a plan, we describe exactly how the implementation will work, and walk you through the process.




Our investment team performs fundamental research internally, as opposed to relying on outside managers. We generally use individual securities, and do not employ third party actively-managed funds as part of our strategy. We believe this eliminates a layer of fees and hopefully provides competitive returns as compared to an index.


Equity securities are purchased after a thorough analysis of the company’s fundamental data. Our investment team looks to see that the business is stable and growing, with consistent free cash flow and a manageable balance sheet. We concentrate on projecting cash flows and a normalized earnings stream to determine a reasonable target price. The rate of return from each of our current holdings and prospective purchases is ranked and compared for attractiveness. This analysis determines which securities are added to our watch list to be monitored for price and/or immediate purchase depending on current composition of the portfolio and the security’s effect on the risk and diversification dynamics of the portfolio.


We attempt to minimize risk by maintaining diversified portfolios and choosing companies with strong balance sheets and identifiable competitive advantages. In the end, we simply seek to own the best companies in the best performing market sectors without overpaying for them. For fixed income investments, we assess the credit worthiness of corporate issuers and determine the appropriate time to increase our corporate allocation versus Treasury or Government Agency alternatives.


Our Portfolio Managers each have more than 10 years of experience performing fundamental security research and/or managing investment portfolios, and have all earned the Chartered Financial Analyst designation. The six members of our research team have an average of 19 years of investment experience. We truly work as a team to develop ideas and implement our strategy, and strive to fully take advantage of each member’s expertise.




Once the management process begins, our investment accounting team will produce clear detailed reports describing portfolio performance, composition and transactions. We also write monthly assessments of the best and worst performing securities in the portfolio. We have the ability to alter our standard reports to comply with the specific needs you may have. Most reports are available electronically on a daily basis, and are mailed or electronically transmitted to designated individuals monthly.


Portfolio Managers meet in person with you to review portfolio reports, provide insight into current strategy, and answer any questions they may have. Regular feedback and interaction is important to us, especially when beginning a relationship. We want to fully understand your needs, and we want you to be comfortable with our processes. Our staff is generally available by phone and email daily, and to meet in person by appointment.


Our talented Client Services Team is always available to perform myriad tasks on your behalf. These include the facilitation of account transfers, cash distributions, charitable stock gifts, IRA and 401(k) rollovers, document notarization, and RMD distributions.


Account Types:


  • Individual and Joint Taxable Portfolios
  • Trust Accounts
  • Roth IRA’s
  • Traditional IRA’s
  • Corporate Portfolios
  • Endowment Portfolios
  • Profit Sharing Portfolios
  • Foundation Portfolios
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