Our Client Services Team

Thompson Investment Management, Inc. (TIM) is a registered investment advisor based in Madison, Wisconsin, with client relationships dating back to 1984, and over $4 billion in assets under management. Our firm’s proprietary mutual fund family, Thompson IM Funds, Inc., was founded in 1987. Our investment management, client services, securities trading and accounting teams have worked together for many years. In fact, firm employee tenure averages more than 14 years, which has given our experienced staff the opportunity to work through the myriad challenges presented by fluctuating financial markets.

Meet Our Client Services Team:

Becky Esch


Becky is a Senior Account Administrator at Thompson Investment Management, Inc. supporting external client relations, our investment professionals, event coordination and database management. Becky has been with Thompson Investment Management over 30 years, and has filled several roles before joining the Client Services team in 2004.


Outside of work, Becky enjoys reading, watching TV, adding to her shoe collection and spending time with family and friends.


Contact Becky at ClientServices@ThompsonInvest.com

Becky Henkel

Nancy Mathews


Nancy is an Administrative Assistant/Corporate Accountant at Thompson Investment Management, Inc. supporting the Chief Financial Officer as well as the Client Services Team. Nancy held positions as a Commissioning Coordinator at Affiliated Engineers and as a Construction Coordinator at MG&E. She holds a BS in Construction Management from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.


In their free time, Nancy and her husband enjoy hiking, biking and spending time with friends and family.


Contact Nancy at ClientServices@ThompsonInvest.com

Nancy Mathews

Jessica Woodman


Jessica is an Account Administrator and Senior Securities Trader at Thompson Investment Management, Inc., rejoining the firm in 2014. Previously she worked with SVA Plumb Financial, and Thompson Plumb & Associates, Inc. starting in 1989. Jessica has over 30 years of experience in the financial industry working in various capacities. In addition to supporting our Trading Department, she supports external client relations and our investment professionals as part of our Client Services and Retirement Plan Services teams.


Jessica and her husband Mike enjoy spending their free time with their daughter, Olivia.


Contact Jessica at ClientServices@ThompsonInvest.com

Jessica Woodman